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Hybrid Processes Between Art and Life

icon: authorRudolf Frieling

This essay deals with a broad spectrum of hybrid processes between art and life. Its examination of the concepts underlying Happening, Action and Performance art focuses on the question about the body-about the body along with its media interconnections as a field of both private and public action. The influence of twentieth-century avant-garde currents on the relationship between Happening, Action Art and Performance and in the media will be traced also in its effects on contemporary performative media art and the still pertinent questions on authenticity. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Retinal shockicon: heading Private / Publicicon: heading Art = Lifeicon: heading The Society of the Spectacleicon: heading John Cage—The aesthetic of heterogeneityicon: heading >Happenings: Technical apparatuses for participationicon: heading «Action» in the media: Dramaturgy and do-it-yourselficon: heading Media and stage: Media amplifiersicon: heading Performance: Anywhere, anytimeicon: heading Without audience: A room of one's ownicon: heading Performativity and videoicon: heading Performativity as inscription, recording, signatureicon: heading Hybrid experimental setupsicon: heading Body and interfaceicon: heading Intervention in the body of the othericon: heading Augmented reality