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Artistic Concepts Linked to the Transition from Analog to Digital Photography
icon: authorAnette Hüsch

Ten years ago, an exhibition with the title Fotografie nach der Fotografie (Photography After Photographs) caused a sensation. It thematicized the influences and changes photography had experienced since the spreading of digital technologies and presented a selection of artistic work that had originated from within this context. Making reference to various contemporary standpoints and individual works, the contribution deals with the question of to what extent what at the time was perceived as an enormous break in the history of images and media can today be described as a mesh of interdependencies, differences and continuities. Besides explaining the most important terms in the area of digital photography and post-photography, this text therefore presents strategies of appropriation, the interplay between identity and mass culture, as well as the examination of different notions of body and space-each of them also as a result of artistic ‹work on the image.› [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Photography, Digital Photography, and Post-Photographyicon: heading The Niche of Articon: heading On the Role of Realism and Stagingicon: heading Jeff Wallicon: heading Andreas Gurskyicon: heading Body Images, Modules, and Data Suppliesicon: heading Portraits Without Modelsicon: heading «I is an Other»icon: heading Architecture and Landscapeicon: heading Form and Surface – or: What is the Image of Architecture?icon: heading Cliché and Reality, Truth and Appearance