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Continuities and differences between photographic and post-photographic
icon: authorSusanne Holschbach

In the debates surrounding the technological shift in photography from analog to digital, emphasis is chiefly placed on the radical difference between the chemical and the electronic process, and those artistic practices are discussed which expose this break to an exceptional degree. By making reference to the two fundamental parameters of the photographic dispositive-automatic recording and technical reproduction-this contribution deals with the question of to what extent digitalization can also be viewed as a continuation of photographic mediality. A look back at three exhibitions from the early stages of digital photography shows the situating of the debates in recent socio-political analyses. [more]more

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icon: heading Automatic Recordingicon: heading The photograph as an indexicon: heading Mechanical Reproductionicon: heading The photograph as a multipleicon: heading Mass Medium Avant la Lettreicon: heading Facial societyicon: heading Modern observericon: heading Consumer as producer—Producer as consumericon: heading The photograph in the media environmenticon: heading Digitalizationicon: heading Digital Montageicon: heading Digital Troubleicon: heading Unstable Images